Qualifications and Courses

Claire continues to undertake additional courses to progress her breadth of knowledge and desire to understand the way the human body performs during sporting pursuits and how the aging process effects mobility.

In particular, Claire has a special interest in Sporting performance, Parkinsons Disease, Breath work, Perimenopause to Post Menopause and Foot mechanics.

Claire is part of the teacher training program for Body Control Pilates®, the best-known training provider for Pilates teachers in the UK.

Claire also runs The Menopause Couch© Ltd offering courses in the community and on line to work through Peri to Post Menopause Symptoms and creating the best opportunities for wellness through out this phase.

  • Body Control Pilates Teacher – Level 3 diploma
  • Studio Reformer Pilates Teacher – Beginners to Intermediate
  • Menopause Coach – 3rd Age Women Menopause Transition – Burrell Education Graduate
  • Exercise and Pilates Planning for older adults and clients with Parkinsons – Level 3 diploma
  • Exercise and Pilates planning for Pre and Post Natal clients – Level 3 diploma
  • Designing Pilates programmes for Bone Health/Osteoporosis – Level 3 diploma
  • Back4Good® Practitioner Pilates for low back pain – Registered and endorsed by Back Care.
  • Patrick Mckeown Breathing Masterclass for Sporting performance.
  • Jo Hatherley’s Vital Breath Course – Breathing for Respiratory conditions
  • The Foot Collective – Barefoot and hip mechanics course
  • Pilates for Hip Replacement
  • Intermediate Pilates
  • Level 4 Adaptations and Movements
  • Pilates for Sporting Performance
  • Pilates for Cyclists and Runners
  • Pilates for Scoliosis
  • The Shoulder – Pathology and Pilates 
  • Endurolates – High Intensity Pilates Training 
  • Psoas –  Understanding the mechanics of Psoas 
  • Pilates with small equipment – the band and foam roller 

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