Meet Claire

claire1I’ve always had a fascination with the mechanics of the human body, the desire to keep myself fit and take on sporting challenges.

As a teenager I dived and ran competitively.

I love skiing and off road mountain biking as a source of adrenaline! Having had the pleasure of biking many a mountain range in the French Alps, Pyrenees, Greece, Turkey and the Dolomites. As well as taking part in events in the UK.

As the years gain on me and the bruises from mountain biking hurt a little more, I’ve found the love for road biking, especially in the mountains! In  2015, I competed in the Tour de Etape’ – A Tour De France stage in the French Alps which consisted of 4300 metres of climbing and 140km in distance. We raised £1,100 in the process for Parkinsons UK. It was a phenomenal experience and I’m pleased to say we all completed it!

The challenge for 2016 was to ride a stage of the Giro D’italia – The Maratona. 138 KM and 4230 Mtrs of climbing through beautiful Italian mountains. An amazing experience! 

And in 2019, the craziest yet, we joined the Club Des Cinglès (Club of the Crazies!) to climb all 3 ways up Mount Ventoux in 8hrs40 – 160 KM and 4,500 Mtrs. 

claire2Inevitably this takes it toll on the body! Along with a previously long running career in the corporate world with the classic sedentary life style that many of us suffer from – hanging over a PC and many hours of driving.

To rebalance both mind and body from these everyday stresses I attended Yogalates classes for a number of years. It was a fantastic way to chill out and stretch out.

As my lifestyle started to catch up with my body, various injuries also caught up with me. This is when I discovered the true value of Pilates and in particular Body Control Pilates. Not only am I able to maintain my body to enable me to take part in the activities I love doing, it’s taught me how to use my body safely and more effectively whilst spending less energy.

I feel very lucky to have chosen Body Control Pilates to train with. It’s the best training provider in the UK and probably Europe.

Using my knowledge to perform and recover better on the bike. Along with hosting courses such as Pilates for Parkinson. This is an area of personal interest for me as my Granddad was challenged with the condition at the time when very little was known.

I’m very inspired by the help we can now provide clients with PD through exercise. This is an area I specialise in and have gained further qualifications in.

With the help of some inspirational people, I’ve managed to turn my fascination with the human body, my desire for fitness and helping people into something I love….. teaching Pilates for all stages and goals in life.

I look forward to helping you too.

Claire Willett

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