About Us

Millstream Pilates was established in August 2013, with the aim of sharing the power and fun that Pilates brings when supporting the therapeutic process of managing skeletal problems such as back pain and joint pain; such as arthritis, along with a whole host of other conditions.

Private sessions, Osteoporosis sessions, day time and evening Mat classes are held across Oxfordshire and West Berkshire with all fitness levels, genders and ages welcome.

Various equipment is used in the mixed ability sessions to add to the challenge of the exercise and to support the joints in a slightly different way.

Beginners sessions are focused on introducing the fundamentals of Pilates Matwork programme, becoming aware of faulty movement patterns and starting to restore the range and mobility of the joints.

No one class is the same with the exercises changing weekly. Each session works through every joint of the body and every possible movement it can make.

There is also a ‘fun’ element to the classes. They are limited to 12 clients which gives you the opportunity to get to know one another should you wish too! Or just zone out and focus on your body moving!

Private sessions are tailor made to the client pending on their goal and conditions. This is hugely beneficial in speeding up the benefits of Pilates for those who are looking to rehab from sporting injuries and increase performance or have a specific goal. It’s essential for pre/post natal clients and clients who are new to Pilates.

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