An Evening with Dr Hannah Short

10th December – 7pm – 8pm  – £2.50 charitable booking donation

Dr Hannah Short Specialises in Early Menopause (POI), Surgical Menopause and Premenstrual Disorders.

The Different Types and Stages of Menopause, types of HRT and How Plant Based Nutrition can Help

At the age of just 35 and after years of managing a premenstrual disorder, Hannah underwent a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the womb, fallopian tubes and both ovaries)  

Hannah has personal experience of surgical POI (primary ovarian insufficiency) and the effect it has on your wellbeing. This enables Hannah to offer her patients first-hand support ranging from a combination of HRT, Diet and Lifestyle Changes.

Following on from October’s hugely enjoyable session with Professor John Wass of Endocrinology, we have the absolute pleasure of Dr Hannah joining us for December’s Health Webinar.

Some of you may have already come across Dr Hannah Short?

I was incredibly inspired by Hannah’s story and approach on a PodCast with Dr Rupy – The Doctors Kitchen.

And then even more excited and inspired when Dr Hannah agreed to be a guest on the Northants/Millstream Pilates Health Webinars.

We share the same aspirations; to improve Menopausal awareness for women of all ages.

Hannah is tackling this across the country and is also an Ambassador of the Daisy Network  A charity that supports women with premature ovarian insufficiency.

This is also the charity we are donating your £2.50 to.

No one women is the same, therefore treatment should be personalised, yet it is incredibly challenging to gain access to specialists or even know they are out there.

Our mission is to help other people who’ve been through what we have.

In this live webinar – Hannah will be taking questions and talking us through :

  • The different types of Pre Menstrual Disorders  – based on your questions
  • The different types of Menopause, including Perimenopause, Premature Ovarian Failure and Surgical Menopause
  • How these conditions affect our long term health
  • Where to get help and support
  • What tests we should be having, how often and what to expect from our GP’s
  • The options on HRT
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition; how plant-based diets can help lessen symptoms, including hidden symptoms such as bone density – something that effects us for life

If you think your health is being affected by hormone imbalances, have unexplained and confusing symptoms or wish to understand more to help prepare you for the different stages of life, come and join us for what will be both an incredibly insightful and inspiring hour with Dr Hannah Short. 

It’ll help you take control of your own long term wellbeing – what could be more important??

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