February 23rd 2019 – Pilates and Pause

Movement and Mindfulness Day Retreat

Come and join Claire and Kath for a deeply rejuvenating retreat day.
In the beautiful grounds of St Ethelwold’s House, set on the banks on the River Thames and hidden away in the heart of Abingdon Town Centre.

February 23rd – Pilates and Pause

  • Mindfulness and Movement day
  • Nourish your mind, body and soul
  • Warming vegan lunch included
  • £95.00

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The Location 

St Ethelwold’s House originally belonged to Dorathea Pickering, she wanted it to become a place for people to gather for meditation, and times of quiet reflection. And it has, we’re delighted to be hosting our first retreat here.


In the first of 3 planned retreats for 2019, Kath and Claire are very excited to present:


Nourish your mind, body and soul

February is a challenging time of year with Christmas behind us and the remainder of winter still drawing out ahead. In this retreat, we are going to pause, before we reach forward with the lengthening days towards spring and moving positively into 2019.

Do you feel drained and distracted during the long dark days of winter? We will refocus your mind and body on relaxing and replenish your reserves to reboot energy levels for the remaining cold days.
This retreat will provide you with an opportunity to release tension and gain deep relaxation from your body using breathing and Pilates techniques.

We will also explore using mindfulness and creativity to relax your mind and clear your thoughts. A warming vegan lunch will nourish your body from the inside too!

By the end of the day, you will have a personal set of tools to sustain you over the coming months, as well as meeting some lovely likeminded people to share your practice with.

Numbers are strictly limited to make sure all our participants get the maximum benefit from their Retreat Day.

This retreat will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Release tension
  • Gain deep relaxation from your body using breathing and Pilates techniques
  • Take movement and mindfulness skills home to help manage daily stresses

We will use mindfulness and creativity to explore relaxing your mind and clearing your thoughts

A warming vegan lunch will nourish your body from the inside too!


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In the fast-forward world we live in, we forget to breathe correctly, this can create anxiety and tension within the thorax and cause musculoskeletal issues elsewhere in the body.

We will explore gaining release within the bodies second largest muscle, the diaphragm, in order to gain more movement, more release across the entire body and a deeper sense of relaxation due to the release of tension within the thorax.

Claire will provide you will a mat.  Please bring a blanket.


Kath will help you explore simple meditation and mindfulness techniques in a safe setting. She will also introduce some easy art journaling tricks to get your creative juices flowing.
Please bring a notebook and some coloured pens.

Plan for the day

9.30am – Arrival and welcome
10:00-10:15am – Intention setting, group meditation.
10:15-12:15pm – Group activities Pilates or Mindfulness
12:15-13:15pm – Lunch
13:15-15:15pm – Group activities Pilates or Mindfulness
15:15-16:00pm – Closing mediation and feedback
16:00-17:30pm – Opportunity for 121 sessions with Claire or Kath

Who is this course suitable for?

Pilates and Pause is perfect for all levels, genders and all physical conditions.
If you’re not a Millstream Pilates client, please do not worry, we will send you an enrolment form.

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