Meet the Team

Millstream Pilates is delighted to have Megan Parry on board the team.

Megan lives in Dorchester On Thames and will be teaching beginners classes in Benson.

Megan came to Pilates in the 1980s after many years doing yoga classes. Pilates was still very new to the UK at that time and it was difficult to find an instructor so bought a Lynne Robinson video in 1988.

In 2015, Megan made the decision to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher and completed her training in April 2016, with Claire as one of her supervising teachers. Megan is also trained to work with clients with Osteoporosis and exercise planning for older clients; including neurological conditions.

Megan has a passion to pass on the benefits of Body Control Pilates to as many people as possible and realised that the best way to do this is through teaching.

Megan is passionate about what Pilates can do for people…..

‘Functional mobility is so important particularly as we get older and enables people to maintain healthy joints and improve their core strength for everyday tasks, which is something that Megan believes is vital. Pilates also exercises the mind as it demands concentration and co-ordination to isolate the parts of the body we are focusing on.’

When not practising Pilates, Megan is an avid gardener, enjoys classical music, particularly opera and is a member of a book club. She is also a volunteer at the Abbey gardens in Dorchester and at the village museum.

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