Body Control Pilates

Body Control Pilates is widely regarding as the best training provider in the UK. With over 1800 teachers in over 40 countries, it’s Europes largest teaching organization and all certified teachers have, at a minimum, completed a comprehensive training course in Body Control Pilates matwork (Level 3).

Training up to a Diploma Level 4 and working to a Code of Practice that governs teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education. Ensuring that teachers continue to build their own skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis, with all Body Control Pilates teachers having access to a programme of more than thirty further courses after initial qualification.

Lynne Robinson, the founder of Body Control Pilates, introduced Pilates into the UK back in the 1980’s.

It was traditional to teach the original ‘classical’ exercises Joseph Pilates created. However, these exercises are advanced and not safely accessible to those with injuries or starting back to exercise.

We break these exercises down so that our clients can easily enjoy the benefits of Pilates whilst working safely and effectively. Working their way towards the more challenging exercises.

We’re able to work prescriptively with clients as a result. Ensuring the exercises are exactly what their body requires.

Body Control Pilates was the first specialist training provider to receive approval for its Level 4 training course. The ‘Back4Good®’ programme is exclusive to Body Control Pilates. Qualified practitioners are already experienced Body Control Pilates teachers who have undertaken extensive training exclusively related to exercise referral and low back pain to become a Back4Good® Practitioner and a Level 4 Advanced Exercise Instructor.
This training has been externally accredited by SkillsActive and The Register of Exercise Professionals who oversee quality and standards for the UK health and fitness industry. All Back4Good® Practitioners are registered as a ‘BackCare Professional’ with BackCare, the charity for healthier backs.

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