Livestream Classes

Millstream Pilates classes are also delivered Live On-Line with your regular teachers.​

This is great for any clients who wish to self-Isolate. Or any clients who usually attend physical classes, that are little under the weather but are well enough to do a class that week.

The same level of personal attention is applied to each client within a class of 12, with options to suit levels and pathologies.

Ensuring you are working safely towards your goals whilst you still have access to chatting with your mat buddies!

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Once you’ve downloaded Zoom on to your smart phone, tablet or computer and have access to the internet you can join in live with any of our LiveStream or 121 sessions. We can walk you through this very simple process before your first class.

How does LiveStream work?

Once we set up your Millstream Pilates membership, using the TeamUp Membership system, you will have direct access to your secure link for each class.

You can access your link via your TeamUp Members App or via an email that will be sent 24 hours prior to the class starting.

It’ll automatically open up the Zoom application that you’ve previously downloaded.

You are now ready to enjoy live Pilates in your own home!

As a new client, we will ask you to join a 121 induction session (either in person or online) before beginning classes where we will assess your posture, medical history and movement patterns while explaining how Pilates works and how it could benefit you. That way when you join an established class, we know how your body works, anything we need to adapt and work safely towards and you feel more comfortable with the terminology and asking questions in a group scenario.


Classes are run in line with the School terms at 12-14 weeks, in order to build you up gradually and safely.

The permanent LiveStream classes are £10.00 per session, using the Millstream Pilates TeamUp Online membership system. All other classes are £11.00.

New Client 121 Inductions are £45.00 and are bookable via TeamUp.


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