“I am an 84 year old woman with arthritis and have also had a hip replacement. I have exercised and danced all my life. Claire has been an absolute delight in her enthusiasm and skill in keeping me fit and flexible. Every lesson is different so I never get bored. I can thoroughly recommend her teaching ability and quality.”
Ruth – Benson
“Many people assume they know what Parkinson’s Disease is. But PD is actually a wildly varying and frustrating condition that baffles the uninformed, however much they may want to help. I was early-onset-diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 42. I could hardly believe my good fortune when I discovered Claire Umbers of Millstream Pilates to be an instructor specially trained with specific reference to the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Whether you are young, old or in between, I thoroughly recommend anyone with PD to take advantage of her expertise. Claire’s good humour, understanding, patience and properly targeted exercises make for a completely positive and beneficial experience. PD sufferers can’t afford any wasted effort: Pilates with Claire is 100% worth the effort.”
Sarah – Reading
“I absolutely love Pilates! Claire is both professional and friendly and since starting the beginners course my various aches and pains have disappeared and my whole core feels stronger.”
Elaine – Benson
I’ve been a regular client of Claire’s for some time, using Pilates to keep my ongoing back problem under control. I was delighted when Claire set up the Back4Good programme. The one to one sessions have been invaluable, helping me to gain a much deeper understanding of how to look after my back. The personalised exercise programme has really helped to control my pain and increase my strength and range of movement. Claire has a real desire to help her clients and is so supportive. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough, whether as a Pilates teacher or as an expert in back care and she does it all with with a smile and a sense of humour!
Julia – Benson
“Between Claire and the chiropractor I have not felt so pain free and strong for many years. Next thing is to tackle the weight and I will be all fixed. Every day I feel a bit more confident about my abilities and with that I can exercise without worrying about my back going into spasm. I even found myself contemplating getting back on a horse the other day……I have not considered that for at least the last ten years.”
H.W – Benson
“It is a pleasure to be in Claire’s Pilates class. She makes it very enjoyable whilst ensuring that we work hard and see improvements. She is very professional, very knowledgeable and very approachable…. a real people person.”
Nicole – Benson
“A lovely class with a great Pilates teacher who really knows her stuff. I started Pilates to help with a long standing lower back problem. It has been very successful in reducing pain and strengthening my core muscles as well as improving my posture. I find the classes very relaxing and enjoyable.”
Anne – Benson
“I have had a lower back problem for 30 years and have been in near-constant pain for most of that time. I joined Millstream Pilates beginners’ class and felt relief after the very first session; clearly Pilates suits my problem but, having been under Claire’s instruction for some months, I have really felt the continued benefit in my day-to-day life. More importantly, when I do get some pain I am usually able to relieve the symptoms relatively quickly.”
Mark – Benson
“Clare has been so helpful and patient with me regarding my numerous aches and pains, I feel like I have one-to-one support in every group session of Pilates. This is the first time I’ve stuck at any form of exercise which is due to her support and expertise.”
Jenny – Radley
“I am now in my second term of mat Pilates classes with Claire and I am beginning to understand how exactly to strengthen my core and to improve stability and posture, although the correct breathing is going to take a little longer. Claire is very professional but also friendly and welcoming. Her classes are put together specifically for the needs of the individuals attending and she is committed to helping pupils achieve their full potential. Anatomy wise Claire is very clued up. Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise applying stretching and re-education of the muscular system.”
Mrs SB – Radley
“I thoroughly enjoyed the class last week. I’ve done Pilates classes in the past but never really “got it” before. Your descriptions and explanations were great. I know I’m going to get a lot from Pilates this time.”
Dionne – Benson

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