Pre and Post Natal

If you’ve previously practised Pilates with Claire, it’s perfectly fine to continue to practise all the way up to your due date. However, It is important you alert Claire as soon as you become pregnant and gain medical clearance to continue. A 121 session will be required in order to provide you with a few exchange exercises that’ll be required during the group sessions as your pregnancy progresses.

If you’re new to Pilates, you’ll need to wait until you’re 14 – 16 weeks pregnant and have medical clearance. A 121 session with Claire will be required before joining a group class.

There are many exciting and not so exciting changes that occur within your body and the exercises and positions can be adapted pending on the trimester you’re in.

Claire will be starting Pre and Post Natal classes during the Summer. Babies from 6 weeks to 9 months will be welcome too!

Please check back for further information.

There are many benefits to be gained from a correctly trained Pilates teacher, both pre and post natal

The benefits of Pre Natal Pilates are :

  • Helping to maintain alignment as your bump grows!
  • Gentle exercise to maintain strength and stamina that’ll be required for labour.
  • Working on the muscles that support the pelvis to help maintain stability as the ligaments soften ready for the pelvis to expand.
  • Strengthening work for your pelvic floor to help manage the increasing weight your baby bares upon it.
  • Releasing work for your pelvic floor ready for the big day!

Post Natal :

You will need to wait until at least 6 weeks after you’re baby has been born to restart class. Possibly longer if you’ve had a caesarean. Medical clearance will be required.

A private 121 session will be required with Claire in order to assess the changes that have occurred as a result of pregnancy and the birthing process.

The benefits of Post Natal Pilates are :

  • Working towards regaining neutral alignment.
  • Slow and gentle strengthening work.
  • Pelvic floor exercises.
  • Relaxation.

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