Meet the Movement Team

Millstream Pilates is very lucky to have to some fabulous teachers on board.

Here they are!

Rebecca Morris – Wednesdays Dorchester – 17:30

I was first introduced to Pilates after the birth of my second child after being diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Disorder.  Pilates helped me to overcome the issues I had been left with after pregnancy and I continued to attend classes enjoying both the physical and mental benefits that it brings.  After spending over 20 years working in Marketing & PR, I decided that I needed a change of direction.  I wanted to help bring the benefits to others that Pilates had given me, so I took the decision to leave the corporate world and retrained, achieving my Level 3 Pilates Instructor Qualification.

As my teaching experience has increased, I have continued to be fascinated by the body and how it works continuing my study with a number of leading bodies in the Pilates and fitness world.  This wider reading and training has reinforced my believe that the body should be viewed and trained holistically with all elements – mind, body and breath – needing to work together.

  • Specialist Access Level 3 Pilates diploma
  • Pre-and Post-natal Pilates
  • Common Orthopaedic Conditions
  • Myofascial release
  • APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) Pilates for Runners
  • APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) Pilates for Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) 3D Standing Pilates
  • STOTT Pilates Toned Arms, Buns and thighs

Claire Saunders – Monday’s LiveStream – 17:30

Claire is a Level 3 Pilates Instructor of over 20 years experience. With her background in remedial sports therapy she brings a deep understanding of the body’s mechanisms to her instruction.

Claire came to learn Pilates as a remedy for a weak back which is now a distant memory. Claire’s classes focus on improved flexibility, tone and postural alignment. Claire also has a degree in nutrition and also runs a nutrition consultancy. 

Claire offers two styles of Pilates with us. Gentle pilates which is suitable for all, and designed to improve your tone (particularly your core) balance and posture. She also offers sports pilates which is a more challenging class suitable for those who like to work a little deeper.

Louise Hunt – Monday’s LiveStream – 17:30

Like most people I have always enjoyed a variety of exercise from cycling to swimming, walking and occasionally running. I love being in the great outdoors to exercise and don’t particularly enjoy being stuck indoors at the gym, I believe exercise should be fun.

Then I was introduced to Pilates by a friend in 2009. One class and I was hooked!

Before being introduced to Pilates I tried Yoga and Tai-chi, both of which I enjoyed but didn’t fully help with the ailments I felt in my body, especially after giving birth. I needed exercises that would help to fix me from the inside out. Pilates strengthened my core and made me the stronger person that I am today, so I can enjoy life to the full.

I continued attending Pilates with a Body Control instructor for over 10 years and who’s classes I still attend today. Over this time I realised how much I wanted to help others to reap the benefits of Pilates, I was always sharing my experiences with others and encouraging them to join a class.

After working very hard I finally gained my Level 3 Pilates certificate at the beginning of 2019 and set up Body Energise Pilates. With a background in Teaching, teaching others in Pilates comes easily to me.
I create a relaxed and flowing atmosphere in my classes.

I provide classes and one to one sessions to my local community and I enjoy providing cover to other Pilates instructors – this has really helped me gain a variety of experience. I have also been very lucky to have the continued support of other Pilates teachers.

I continue to develop my education in Pilates, having completed training in antenatal/postnatal Pilates and Pilates for children. I am currently working towards my Level 4 certificate in Strength and Conditioning.

When I am not partaking in or teaching Pilates I still find time to walk, swim or cycling and most recently, I enjoy rock climbing with my family, both outside and indoors! Climbing has given me a wealth of knowledge on shoulder exercises, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Megan Parry – Cover Teacher

Megan lives in Dorchester On Thames and has been teaching full time for Millstream Pilates for 5 years – She is now set to retire to continue to focus on her own body and will still be covering for us on occasions.

Megan came to Pilates in the 1980s after many years doing yoga classes. Pilates was still very new to the UK at that time and it was difficult to find an instructor so bought a Lynne Robinson video in 1988.

In 2015, Megan made the decision to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher and completed her training in April 2016, with Claire as one of her supervising teachers. Megan is also trained to work with clients with Osteoporosis and exercise planning for older clients; including neurological conditions.

Megan has a passion to pass on the benefits of Body Control Pilates to as many people as possible and realised that the best way to do this is through teaching.

Megan is passionate about what Pilates can do for people…..

‘Functional mobility is so important particularly as we get older and enables people to maintain healthy joints and improve their core strength for everyday tasks, which is something that Megan believes is vital. Pilates also exercises the mind as it demands concentration and co-ordination to isolate the parts of the body we are focusing on.’

When not practising Pilates, Megan is an avid gardener, enjoys classical music, particularly opera and is a member of a book club. She is also a volunteer at the Abbey gardens in Dorchester and at the village museum.

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