Meet Claire


I’ve always had a fascination with the mechanics of the human body, the desire to keep myself fit and take on sporting challenges.

From Diving and Running competitively as a teenager.

To Skiing, Mountain Biking and Amateur Road Cycling taking on infamous Cols as an adult.

Inevitably this takes it toll on the body!  Along with a previously long running career in the corporate world with the classic sedentary life style that many of us suffer from – hanging over a PC and many hours of driving.

This is when my Pilates Journey started.  As my lifestyle started to catch up with my body, various injuries also caught up with me. This is when I discovered the true value of Pilates and in particular Body Control Pilates. Not only am I able to maintain my body to enable me to take part in the activities I love doing, but it’s also taught me how to use my body safely and more effectively whilst spending less energy using specific breath work and working in better alignment.

More recently, Pilates has supported me both physically and mentally through emergency gynae surgeries, POI and Hashimotos Autoimmune diagnosis with the multitude of symptoms that arrive as a result of an Early Menopause and Thyroid Disease.

Without Pilates, I would not have been able to recover from surgeries as I did and I simply would not be able to manage these new additions to my life and maintain a good level of fitness and wellbeing.

This has led me to setting up the Menopause Couch© Ltd to provide courses for women going through similar experiences.

Pilates is a like a wardrobe of life for me, there is an outfit to wear for every occasion and there is always something in there.

Pilates has helped support my life’s journey so far and for me to be able to achieve the best version of me, despite what life throws at me.

As importantly, I’m able to help you with your journey.

With the help of some inspirational people, I’ve managed to turn my fascination with the human body, my desire for fitness and helping people, including myself into something I love….. teaching Pilates for all stages and goals in life.

I look forward to helping you too.

Claire Willett




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